If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand

Words Than A Video Is Worth A

Million - Troy Olson

Here are a few reasons why our clients use video testimonials

in their business and why you should too!

  • Referrals
  • Retention
  • Reputation
  • Re-engagement
  • Referrals
  • Retention
  • Reputation
  • Re-engagement

Yes, all of the above are reasons why you need to start making video testimonials part of your marketing strategy. Especially if you are attracting the WRONG type of client, you know the ones who complain, want to haggle on price, and are demanding and time-consuming but here's a simple question...

Where would you like most of your new leads

and customers to come from...

Social Media, Paid Ads, or Reputation?

If you're anything like our successful clients they all say from my 'Reputation'.

Because let's be honest, we all love it when our clients YELL from the rooftops and tell their friends and family.

So Why Video Testimonials?

'Tone' & 'Feel'

When we can SEE the person giving a video testimonial, we hear their TONE, we interrupt how they FEEL about the topic, in a deeper connected way.

As a reader, we don't get that same emotional connection because we interrupt the message in our own bias.


Videos Trigger Emotions

Videos Are Easy To Share

Videos Have A Higher Retention Rate

People Refer Video

Videos Are Trusted As Social Proof By The Viewer

Videos Convert

Videos Are Marketing GOLD

The best thing about video is it's a business asset that can be utilized in all areas of your company to build TRUST and protect your REPUTATION now and into the FUTURE.

We can't wait for you to discover just how easy it is to get Hypnotic Testimonials that have your new prospects saying... 'Where Do I Sign?'

All of this with our 4 step approach.

We teach you the brain science behind a great video and how to break down objections all at once.

Try Video Testimonials For Your Business

The Fastest Way To Build Credibility & Trust.

Try Video Testimonials For Your Business

The Fastest Way To Build Credibility & Trust.


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